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This is the new fuel section. Karrier 4 1110 Post Reply: muzak
04/07/2008 06:11:40
Vegetable Oil
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Brewno 42 5670 Post Reply: Sir_Henry
08/02/2014 05:34:52
mpg mum2b 8 910 Post Reply: mjamson
21/05/2013 07:09:53
Purely out of interest... NattyN8 0 845 31/05/2012 10:27:09
How many have run alternative fuel? muzak 3 1141 Post Reply: Sinis
05/04/2011 09:00:02
biofuel wiki Dodgy 0 834 25/01/2011 09:17:29
Babington style waste oil heater pumps liping 0 874 23/07/2010 06:05:05
VEGETABLE OIL? shibbynat1 17 1179 Post Reply: Karrier
25/04/2010 12:42:37
hydrogen kits stoker1 3 1018 Post Reply: NattyN8
16/03/2010 10:50:10
we sell edible and biodiesel oil:palm oil,vegetable oil,corn oil,jatropha oil,sunflower oil,rapeseed sltd01 2 1036 Post Reply: Karrier
23/05/2009 07:13:15
Vegetable Oil Brewno 14 1218 Post Reply: Karrier
14/09/2008 05:01:04
Put a lock on that barrel! muzak 3 986 Post Reply: muzak
04/07/2008 05:47:51
Does anyone else have an S56 LPG conversion? elz 2 988 Post Reply: elz
21/05/2008 09:02:57
The fat fuel muzak 0 1038 10/05/2008 03:06:30
Howdy Howdy Howdy: real cowboys run on veggie! muzak 3 1050 Post Reply: muzak
21/03/2008 06:58:19
How to make a race truck muzak 0 1013 21/03/2008 03:29:31
biodiesel and veg oil conversions Dodgy 3 961 08/02/2005 09:07:05
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