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Date Posted:30/03/2008 10:00:46Copy HTML

If you have questions about bio fuels, veggie oil and conversions please post in this section of the site.

If you have got a conversion or have the knowledge that might help others please post a topic.

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Re:This is the new fuel section.

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 Hi ,Ive got a 1984 S66(Jap Six).Drove it to Ireland 4 years ago after a full ground up restoration on a 50% sunflower oil  Diesle mix.Didnt miss a beat.In England I had a Escourt van up to 80% mix in the summer no conversion.Here im running a Fiat 50% mix no convertion.Im about to do a lot of welding to the Dodge as it has sat by the sea where I have been living for the last 4 years.I will post photos of restoration.First job is to change clutch plate and fix oil seal leak.
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Re:This is the new fuel section.

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Been running my 1991 S75 on 100% Biodiesel for past year but only in frost-free months. No probs whatsoever apart from continual hunger pangs caused by chipshop aromas. About to start making my own but getting a good supply of waste cooking oil [don't want to kill orang-utangs or starve Mexicans by using unused oil] not so easy. Hotels and pubs seem the best bet. is a fantastic site for information on biodiesel production and methods.
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Re:This is the new fuel section.

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For those talking about a 50% sunflower mix, do you mean that you are simply running 50% normal pump diesel and 50% supermarket sunflower oil? Any vehicle modes necessary? Any extra chemicals needed? Thanks... Nick.
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Re:This is the new fuel section.

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No matter what your source of veggie oil you still have to filter the water out of it, even new oil. But it's better to find a source of WVO, recycled oil from a restaurant because it's usually free. You want to filter the oil down to at least 5 microns with a water block stage.

You also don't want to start cold with veggie oil in any significant amount in the tank. The proper way to blend is with the engine warm and you want to run it nearly out and then refill with diesel to prevent damage on cold start.

Once you have filtered oil you can generally mix less than 50% diesel in the main tank. But you want to be careful especially with older engines since you're adding viscosity to your fuel it does put a little more stress on it. Also the effect of veg oil is to clean out petroleum deposits that build up in the fuel system so you will have to check the filter if you use blends for a sustained period, and most likely you'll want to change it.
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