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Date Posted:26/03/2008 11:45:09Copy HTML

How many have run alternative fuel?

Have you used Bio-Diesel or veggie oil in your truck?

  • Veggie Oil
  • Only Diesel
  • Homemade Bio Diesel
  • Bio Diesel from a manufacturing co.
  • Both Veggie Oil and Bio Diesel
  • Other: please reply to explain

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Re:How many have run alternative fuel?

Date Posted:27/03/2008 08:12:09Copy HTML

I have added some answers for people, if you want to change it just click the edit link above the poll posting, i have changed to members only voting and one vote each only otherwise someone could click one vote or all as many times as they wanted.
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Re:How many have run alternative fuel?

Date Posted:28/03/2008 04:11:23Copy HTML

If anybody cares to say just how you've combined veggie oil and bio diesel it would be very interesting. For instance do you have a 2 tank conversion, are you mixing with diesel in the main tank. I'd also really like to know how many people are making bio diesel in the UK, homemade, or manufacturing companies. Ultimately my goal is to provide knowledge of alternative fuel options that fit any budget.

My vote was for veggie oil because that's my main source of fuel but now I am running some biodiesel too. I did further alter my system to do this however and it's my belief that you definitely need a good heated diesel fuel filter and in my case added insulation on it and the intake fuel lines.

Here's some reason why assuming you use a 2 tank veggie conversion: no matter how much back-flushing you do, that is running your diesel fuel back through into the veggie filter, you still end up with a very small amount of oil running into the diesel tank via the return from what is left burning in your injection pump at the time of back-flush. Now this alone is not harmful if you have a good preferably 10 micron rated fuel filter and people often do mix veggie oil into the main tank successfully. In fact it is in general a good thing to do because it cleans out a lot of sludge left such as petroleum deposits and the like. In my filter this looks like a white layer in the bottom and it's very thick and hard to get rid of. The danger with biodiesel then, because it is an oil based product, if it gets too cold it can start to congeal with that sludge and there's a possibility of it ending up in your engine intake which can seriously damage an injection system or worse. The solution is in general heat because the sludge is far thicker than any fuel that's moderately warm and heat also congeals it further similar to glycerin which it's closely akin to. Diesel by nature is thin enough to not be effected this way and biodiesel when it's warm is plenty reduced in viscosity to avoid such problems.

As yet I've not found a way to get rid of the sludge without changing out the filter and this is something everyone should be dilligentlly mindful of - change your filter often enough to eliminate the possibility of contamination. That said biodiesel is much less depositing on your fuel system than diesel so it's my theory that running mostly biodiesel will likely keep the sludge down to a bare minimum as well.
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Re:How many have run alternative fuel?

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 I have made bio for the last 4 years and found it to be good in most vehicles. I've only had my dodge for about a year but it has no problems at all on high quality bio, although I always start off with a blend of bio and dino diesel. Spring and summer time the ratio of bio and pump diesel can be altered, when it gets colder I simply add more pump diesel. Bio has a good go at all things rubber based, but then so does pump diesel, so its wise to check various fuel lines and carry a set of spares whenever you're off on a trip!
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