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Sorry this is not strictly about bio-fuels  - but it is about alternative fuels.

Was talking with someone recently who runs their diesel 4x4 on a mixture of Kerosene (aka. Heating Fuel/28 second oil) and Hydraulic oil at a ration of 45:1 (kerosene:hydraulic oil).

I was skeptical for a number of reasons (not least the fact that it would be illeglal for road use) and thus I'm not intending to do it. To help settle the debate, just wondering what folks think might be the problems with doing the above with a perkins - say a non-turbo phaser for example?

My concerns would be:

- Kerosene burning hotter and not lubricating the engine sufficiently as lower viscosity & higher burn temp (tho this might be counteracted by the hydraulic oil)
- Unclean burn due to burning the hydraulic oil
- Possibly less power as Kero is 128,100 BTU and Diesel n.2 is 129,500. The hydraulic oil would lower the BTU of the mix even more - not sure if enough to be noticeable/a problem at that ration of mix tho.

But maybe it would be fine?

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,

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