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Heyall: With diesel prices cresting over $5 a gallon in America, 6 in Australia, 9 in Germany, how much in the UK?

Anyway I had a veggie oil thief recently who was so desperate that he was just siphoning off veggie oil directly into his main fuel tank; that's what I call Karma! Without filtering the oil it can do serious damage even if it's mixed in less than half amounts with the diesel in the tank.

Anyway I had to come up with a locking system and here's what I recommend: A close top drum, the best kind has 2 wide and one small opening, called bungs, often they are industrial polymer barrels. In 1 of the 2 wider bungs you fit a standpipe (turncrank barrel drum) pump. A standard duty pump will do for veggie oil but something with some weight. Then if you have a center bung you can adapt this with a locking cap, otherwise you have to adapt the smaller size up to accomodate a locking cap and the ability for a restaurant to pour into the spout with a funnel. All fittings can be secured with a metal epoxy (in the States we have a great product called JB weld).

So if the government isn't regulating your sources from restaurants you may want to grab a source and lock it down!

Cheers, all.
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Re:Put a lock on that barrel!

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Diesel here is £1-30 a litre so £5.75 a gallon, around $11-00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a gallon.

I get mine from a local cafe :-)
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Re:Put a lock on that barrel!

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Where I am in South London they just punch a hole in the bottom of the tank, dont even bother undoing the drain plug!
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Re:Put a lock on that barrel!

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Watch out for the oil plug too. I know a guy who parked his car overnight; thieves pulled the oil pan bolt and snatched the oil. I guess the only solution there would be to use a special tool bolt.

In terms of alternative fuels though you can believe that the EU is far far ahead of America, we're still lost in the 'gas illusion'. Problem is the higher the viscosity of fuel in a gas engine the worse the milage becomes! That's why the more serious consideration for sustanibale non-food crop sources of Ethanol is to make biodiesel. Methanol is the primary base component now called Methylester biodiesel but Ethanol produces a superior, cleaner product, called Ethylester biodiesel. What's amazing is there are significant strides forward in producing Ethanol from biomass, or dead plant matter including wood, the obstacle is the demise of the oil companies that will result from it otherwise known as no funding. This method probably echoed all the way across the pond when our Pres. W. heralded his 'Switchgrass rich homestate of Texas' (switchgrass has great biomass). Of course he promptly turned around and dropped the resources budget in favor of pushing more for oil expansion and his oil company investments.

Cheers to our great American freedom today (no matter how screwed up we make it)!

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