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Date Posted:19/07/2011 05:15:47Copy HTML

Hi  everybody

i have just got my renewal quote through, and despite no cliams, again it's gone up another £60.
does anyone know of a company other than adrain flux and equity red star who will insure my bus?
many thanks shaun

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Re:insurance for de bus

Date Posted:19/07/2011 10:58:41Copy HTML

What was the actual quote for and how much?

Insurance is going up whatever and i reckon 60 quid is not so bad, my bloody car went up 150 quid and i have 9 years no claims, clean license etc.

I gotta insure my 30ft 7 berth monster dodge 50 motorhome next week, at 10k value I wonder what thats gonna cost me?

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Re:insurance for de bus

Date Posted:20/07/2011 12:04:52Copy HTML

uuum wich insurance company to use ummmmmmmm well
none of um they are all a shower of complete bastards.
just like the banks.
and all the rest of um i ow money to bastards.
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Re:insurance for de bus

Date Posted:20/07/2011 04:36:45Copy HTML

hi all

yes there all bastards all the time, the quote was for £360, which won't break me, but i resent paying the extra to a bunch of self serving thieves when i haven't claimed and they want to %*$£ me over just to increase their excessive prophits; and as always you have to see what options there are out there.

anyway cu shaun

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Re:insurance for de bus

Date Posted:21/07/2011 02:40:00Copy HTML

have a read on money savings expert . com - lots of general ideas for lowering costs

other than that phone the insurance company up and get a quote as a new customer, as companies give better prices to new customers then bend the existing customers over the kitchen table.

i'm trying the idea of having a gps tracker fitted to me car - should pay for itself after a few years and if that goes well possibly the 50 series as well.

a simple and cheap idea is to have a battery isolator fitted, that pulled my quote down a little and has now paid for itself.

best of luck
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