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Date Posted:23/03/2014 05:40:53Copy HTML

Hi there ,has anyone had the same problem ? I have got diesel leaking into my sump . I have had new seals in fuel pump and a new lift pump .does anyone have any opinions on the heater plug in the manifold ? Thankyou ,terry
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Re:diesel in oil

Date Posted:05/04/2014 09:28:07Copy HTML

 I think we talked on the phone about this a while back, the heater plug is a thermostart and injects a spray or hot diesel into the air intake, I guess if it is dripping you would be getting diesel coming in the air intake but i would have thought it would just get burned up on combustion.

There are only a few places that fuel can get into the engine when it shouldn't and one is from dripping injectors, i remember someone mentioning it in reference to running veg oil and how it can drip from the injectors and cause problems, weather this is correct or not i don't know BUT the basic premise of dripping diesel into the chamber i guess it could run down the cylinder, past the rings and settle in the oil..... or

 it was the 4.236 is indirect injection and the phaser is direct, if the injector drips the oil in the 4.236 it runs down into the sump but with a phaser it drips onto the piston and then gets burned off.

Something along those lines anyway.

Otherwise, fuel leaking from lift pump, nope you replaced it, fuel getting through injector pump, no has had new seals (it was done properly yes?) maybe dripping injectors, don't see where else it could get in?

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Re:diesel in oil

Date Posted:29/05/2014 03:40:57Copy HTML

Thankyou karrier it was a dripping heat plug ,it must have been faulty from New .anyway all is now well .tel
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