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Date Posted:01/08/2011 11:55:52Copy HTML

bob should be back on road very sooooooon.
ears a tip for all you herberts best thing to bleed the brakes is a oil can yes thats right plain old oil can.
sqwirt sqwirt.
start at the back put plastic pipe on the end of the oil can attach to bleed screw and let your thumb do the rest.
fill the oil can with brake fluid you daft buggers dont forget
fuck all that pumpin the brake pedal
go around all the brakes.
when you have finished go and put the fire out in your canvus roofed caravan that you have just fitted a wood burner in
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Re:bleedin brakes

Date Posted:28/08/2011 11:02:59Copy HTML

Good tip Clive...........Trouble is........F***g Oil can was in the smouldering remains !   Now I need some new seals for the old oil can Dammit !    
We`d better remind all the herberts to thoroughly clean the oil traces from the oil can before filling with brake fluid otherwise all the new cyl seals will be mush. 

In they even make oil cans that squirt anymore ?    everything is just chinese made crap now, which the west import by the ship load making Chinese Billionaires more abundent than oil cans.
................Then after we`ve purchased all this CRAP  it lasts 2 weeks and goes to landfill & scrap which then is shipped to Africa & China creating more f***g Billionaires.  Its all  Crap.....Everything is F***g CRAP ! 
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Re:bleedin brakes

Date Posted:28/08/2011 10:12:34Copy HTML

you are so right john try and buy a oil can you cant any more.
all britain makes is kids with adht .
altho you should of seen the seals i had made fuckin amazin.
good english firm prob bust now.
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Re:bleedin brakes

Date Posted:29/08/2011 07:26:47Copy HTML

Reply to mum2b (28/08/2011 23:12)

all britain makes is kids with adht .

so true so true

what ever happened to quality items.

im having a short holiday here right now, went to the local high street and its full of pound land copies, with stuff that last a few uses. 

thought all the english were meant to be all enviromental now and would want stuff that would last through until the next century.
If something works, celebrate with tea and cakes... If it dosent, have tea and cakes anyway.
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Re:bleedin brakes

Date Posted:29/08/2011 11:54:00Copy HTML

I have just come back from a music festival (Lime Tree) and all the stalls were selling cheap crap, my local tool specialist shop has closed down and now only have 2 shit car shops that sell blackspur tools....uuurrrggghhhhh what is happening to this country?

 I will reply to all PM's and posts but have been on the go for days now so am a bit shot.
"Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws." Douglas Adams
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Re:bleedin brakes

Date Posted:30/08/2011 08:12:44Copy HTML

ref whats happening to this country.
its turning in to a third world shit hole thats what greg.
this is what the libral elight want this is their big plan.
cheap labour cheap shity goods and so on.
never mind tools you wont be able to buy food hear soon.
mark my words its comming.
trouble is by the time people wake up and see it .
it will be to late.
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