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Date Posted:18/05/2013 05:08:11Copy HTML

hey all

just thought id let you all know that last weekend i had a little road trip out in our 50 ( not official yet but i think im naming it Rene, as in La Renault, Rene )

We started in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden and drove for 6 - 7 hours and covered roughly 500 km (thats 310 miles to you English types), and drove to a place north of Stockholm.  The next day we drove maybe 30 km or 20 miles east, grabbed a horse and then drove all the way back again.

not yet worked out an official mpg but its in the mid to high twenties - not too bad for a 3.7t horsebox.

cracking little truck really, we did the journey three weeks earlier in a cavalier, so i feared a long uncomfortable journey, but actually found it to be very comfortable, i had a pair of ear defenders that have a radio, so i was quiet happy listening to whatever musics i could find.

there were no major problems, however -
  • the speedo is playing up a little (where the needle was once wobbling around the correct speed, now it propperly moving maybe +/- 10 mph) - thinking its either the speedo or possible the sender on the gearbox, as its really bad around 50mph.
  • and the gearstick is making a horrible rattling noise

so any advise to solve the problems would be much appriciated.

really looking forward to getting out alot more with the truck this summer, and i hope that you lot all feel the same way.

happy dodging


If something works, celebrate with tea and cakes... If it dosent, have tea and cakes anyway.
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Re:Road Trip

Date Posted:21/05/2013 07:21:10Copy HTML

right now for the mpg figures:

as the truck and google maps disagree on the total miles a little ill go for an average,

truck 25,7mpg and google earth 24,4 mpg

so an average would make it spot on 25mpg
not too bad for driving at 50mph most the time, going up and down hills, with headwinds, and not to foget the whole truck weighs a little under 4t.
If something works, celebrate with tea and cakes... If it dosent, have tea and cakes anyway.
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Re:Road Trip

Date Posted:06/12/2013 06:15:26Copy HTML

Hi Mike,

Sorry that this might be a little late, but:

Jumpy speedo - Sounds like a dry, rough, or sticking cable inner. Remove the speedo cable from the back of the clock (I think the "trapped end" is at the clock  end) & pull out the inner cable (if it wont come out then try at the gearbox end).  (If the inner cable is unravelling or has  sharp bits sticking out then throw it away & buy a complete new cable.)  Clean the inner cable & lightly grease its entire length. Put everything back & the speedo should be its old self again.          Ps. I tend to use the indicated speed on my sat nav, coz upgrades to gearboxes & wheels throw the speedo clock off anyway (mine currently reads 10% high).

Rattly gearstick - An in-vehicle fix -Probably due to the brass caps having worn away, they sit on the springs that press on either side of the bottom of the gear stick. They live inside the little aluminium pedestal attached by 4 nuts to the top of the gearbox.  Undo the nuts , lift up the pedestal complete with attached gearstick, angle to one side & pull the whole thing down beside the gearbox to work on it (The gear knob should be on the floor, still in the cab).

Put a reference mark on the stick, pillar & gearbox to aid reassembly.

Untwist or unscrew (depending), the bottom of the gearstick to the pillar & withdraw the pillar to the outside world. Look inside the pillar for wear & tear to the springs & brass thimbles (that fit on top of them & press hard against the stick). Probably the springs are good & the thimbles have worn through.

If Greg does not have thimble/spring replacements (unlikely, coz they are a bit uncommon), you will have to get the thimbles made locally.  You can toughen up the springs with the addition of an old nut as packing underneath them.  

Not that you will, but, ON NO ACCOUNT remove the pressed in covers on the other end of the springs coz you will never get them back properly.

Reassemble in reverse order.     FYI, you will see the "gate plate" that is sandwiched between the pillar & gearbox - just leave it where it is.

25 mpg - most excellent, I get 18 mpg !  :(

Will say hello if/when we get to Sweden!

All the best,   Rod.

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Re:Road Trip

Date Posted:18/12/2013 07:20:49Copy HTML

hallo again

the jumpy speedo, is down to the speedo itself.  i though fackit and took the thing apart (considered if i prob have to get a new one it wouldnt hurt to see what makes it tick, and i might be able to fix it), and found that the cog that operates the odometer was broken, its been replace with one thats almost the same size, but i need to glue it in place as the odometer doesnt turn.  but i also found a new problem where the mechanism for the needle is damaged, worn or buggered - presumably caused by the broken cog.  I have taken photos and was planning on making a how to but not had the time.

Ill lokk into the gear stick but its moving to the bottom of the 'to do list' its only an annoyance, and if i push it to one side it stops, so the fitting of a bungy cord to do the job for me should surfice for now, but it does sound like it might be the thimbles. 

and if you make it here we can have the official swedish dodge 50 meetup.

If something works, celebrate with tea and cakes... If it dosent, have tea and cakes anyway.
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