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hey all

by a little luck i found a little info on the wiper relays (quite some time ago i'm embarassed to say) and so though it good to share it all before the autumn and winter arrive.

first the history lesson - i decided to replace the standard wiper relay on my vauxhall cav / opel vectra to a fancy intermittent version, and the old one i threw into my tool box as a backup.  then i was driving my 50 series out and about in light rain and noticed that the wipers werent working very well.  when i got back i thought that the old relay i removed from my car is in my tool box, which is in the back of the truck, who knows it might fit . . . it did perfectly and fixed the dodgy wipe.

so if you need a wiper realy the relay they can be abotained from the  folowing vehicles - MK2 Astra, MK3 Astra, Mk3 Cavalier, Calibra, Nova, MK1 Vectra, Tigra, Agila, all of which need to be late 80's to around 2000.  the part number is 90069864

now before you all rush down to the scrappy to raid the opels and vauxhalls you should carry on reading as i now have the intermittant wiper upgade to inform you all of.  a very popular mod for the above mentioned cars is to the volkswagon Easytronic wiper relay.  this relay with part number 357955531, that allows the intermittent wipe interval to be changed from between 2 seconds to around 45 seconds.  it works by putting the intermittant wipe on, then turning straight off witing for the desired amount of time to pass (i.e 16seconds) before turning it back onto intermittant and leaving it there. and it can be reprogrammed again, or if left off for over 1 minute or no ignition resets to a standard time.

the relay can be found on some of the following vw's (it must have a 99. on it and not a 19) - Passat, Sharan, Vento, Golf, Transporter all of which need to be from the 90's, i'm also guessing it could be found on audi's, seat's and possibly skodas, but perhaps under different part numbers.

i'm not sure how it would work on the mk1, or rb44, or but it works quite happily on my 93 mk2, a very nice a simple upgrade

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