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I have just bought an RB44 chassis-cab and have had a bit of a look through the posts but couldn't find answers to my questions;

1) Why does the RB44 rust under the windscreen corners? I mean is it because that's where rain collects or is it because there's water gets in the A-Pillar or what? Really the question is actually - how do I stop it?

2) Has anyone else got a chassis-cab and put it through an MoT without a back-bit ? If so do you have any hints/tips/tricks - specifically lights and mudguards.

3) Does anyone know what the connectors are that are on the wiring loom to the rear light clusters and where you can get them?

As per my other post - does anyone know if that pile of bits from Boughton was purchased (by who) as there's a few bits in there I would be interested in. 


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Re:RB44 Rust and Stuff

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sending via UPS shouldn't be more than a tenner - feel free to call me on 07801 699088 - would think £40 for a servo is reasonable
it seemed like a good idea at the time
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Re:RB44 Rust and Stuff

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Hi Chugg - do you mean for one or for all the bits?

I'm assuming one or two might have issues when fitted.

Sorry for the delay respondidng I normally get a email as I am monitoring the thread but didn't see one for this (I'll also go check my spam)
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