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Date Posted:23/04/2013 08:18:20Copy HTML

Well I think I will be around here quite often now as i have entered the 'interesting' world of Dodge 50 ownership 
I won this 

As for 'no known faults' lol ... my list is growing every time I drive it !

Lots of welding to look forward to (driver's floor, both wings, both sills (driver's side big time :( ), both door bottoms, both front inner wings <- not looking forward to that one - think that's it

From looking on the forum it has the usual problems of above mentioned rusty bits, no heater blower, fuel sender not working (empty or fuel only)

BUT the good news it seems mechanically very sound, engine is as sweet as a phaser can be and no rattles, bangs or whining whilst driving around.

First job I need to do is to sort a towbar, looking at it & with no chassis rails behind the rear spring mounts (except for body mounts & bumber mounts)  I think I will beef up the mounts for the rear bumper and use a Land Rover style adjustable mount with a slider and, again Land Rover style tie the bottom up to the chassis rails. (maybe overkill??) thoughts ...

I must say though, I have noticed already that it does have something great ... character  

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Re:New Dodge owner

Date Posted:24/04/2013 01:40:44Copy HTML

overkill? nah - don't want anything falling off do ya :-)

I used 2 lengths of 50x50x6mm angle, cut bent and welded then bolted in place, to reinforce the rear chassis cross-member

definately worth securing the bottom end of your drop plate to avoid over-stressing - used the step on mine

it seemed like a good idea at the time
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Re:New Dodge owner

Date Posted:24/04/2013 08:46:13Copy HTML

 now that is some serious engineering!!
Thanks for the info
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