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Date Posted:03/08/2011 10:54:24Copy HTML

Don't know where to start!  Am I entering world of spare parts pain or great fun foodie festivities!
Basically, saw it on gumtree  - went for a visit, spotted its a 'Renault 50 series' - G reg - 1990. not tax and no mot at this stage both just expired.  Nice fella selling it, great Bulgarian chap but can't really speak english or read so not that hot on the docs ( it has a good MOT papertrail as well as registration docs).  He got it from Scotland 18 months ago, drove it down to London and it's pretty much been sat on his road!  only done 18000K as only local use in Scotland so all original parts etc. He pointed out the interior as being the original seats and not being that worn 

I am really glad I think I have iD'd it as a Dodge 50 as this site and Forum is fantastic!  He wants 4500 - it's kitted out well from the catering side of things but I havent been able to take it for a run out as yet. he's up for getting a new MOT done and says its a sound runner...(he would).

I am not mechanically trained or experienced in that area so really just wondered if anyone would advise checking out specific parts, looking out for certain things main areas that would rust?!) and what the general feeling is on a 20 yr old Dodge 50 that hasnt done too many miles  - good sign, not much that goes wrong wear & tear wise etc etc.  Took pics of the paperwork and Renault Truck Industries serial codes etc

Any pointers would be greatly received.

Thanks and sorry for the waffle!

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Re:Found Dodge 50 Food Truck & thinking of buying but...

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id say that you are prob paying for the cooking equipment and not the van, i'm no expert but id imagine that buying and installing it isnt cheap and  im sure that its got to be inspected.

but its really what you want to use it for, that style is converted well into camper vans.

as for things to look out for, well rust is a big problem on these, especially the wheels arches and the sills, so had a good look there.

the mot would be a very good idea but dont rely on it - ie if you were to buy it after a test spend time looking for problems and fixing them.

if im honest you would be entering a world of parts ache, as there aren't many of these on the road, greg (the 50 series god) reckons that there is about 500 on the road.

but dont think that its all bad - these can be good  reliable vehicles, ive had mine for 2 and a half years and its started everytime, not failed a test and i sucessfully exported it.  and when you get out they are good drive, and things like the meet ups are icing on the cake. plus i do like fixing it and tinkering with it, - im especially pleased when i get something like the intermittant wipers working again, but i am engineering minded and i enjoy getting a bit of grease on my hands.

greg is really a good person to speak to, and knows far more about the 50 series than i ever will


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Re:Found Dodge 50 Food Truck & thinking of buying but...

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I wrote a massive reply to this about 1am last night but upon dropping the keyboard (external one as my laptop one now has no working letter a) I managed to lose it all so will do later, am on my phone at moment. Just to say about 500 full time on the road and up to 1000 live in non road used or only part time on the road, like mine. As for the price, well no mot dont even in there for that or at least say for a vosa test yourself, might save you a 4k nightmare.
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