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Date Posted:04/10/2012 03:42:52Copy HTML


I am trying to export my dodge B56 to Portugal and am having alot of trouble!
Renault UK say they cant give me a COC (certificate of conformity) because she was built before these started being used so they dont even have dodges in their system... But this is the first document I need to start the process here.

Has anyone ever exported a Dodge? Do you have any advice on how to deal with it? It seems to be virtually impossible but I am NOT GOING TO GIVE UP! 

Is there a file with the technical specifications of the dodges online? 

Or can I get one somewhere?

She is a B56 Chassis number: SDGB56K0CHD216190
Built in 1986 and registered in 1987.

Number plate: D975MBU

Any help will be so so great!

Best Wishes to all and may our dodges ROLLL ONNNNN! 

If you have some information please email me to:
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Date Posted:04/10/2012 06:10:04Copy HTML

   Hi Silvermia,          I have registered several  Dodge 50s  in EU countries.   I was glad COC technical details were not available.!   I think COC commitment was  from MY Sept 1979, but Dodge introduced the chassis code system even before this date.              In Germany for example,  being the most difficult, I presented the standard Dodge DATA SHEETS and they were accepted even as a cheap photocopy.      I,ve seen these sheets on this site somewhere too.                      Around 1990 the German authorities wanted to know in addition  the noise levels. 1. Motor running when veh stationary. 2.Drive past noise level at 50 Kmh.  This test was made and  phon/levels  entered into the log book, just for its own sake.          Whether loud or quiet, it makes no difference, they just wanted figures to fill in the paper work.                     In those days no UK manufacturer bothered about noise levels.                                  Be happy you have an older veh !!!         Imagine having  a modern day rubbish thing,    then you get  caught up with emmission controls and more regulations.          Going by EU laws , whatever has been period built cannot be refused registration,.                   Now Dodge 50 is coming into the 30 year age bracket, making them eligible to be tax reduced  if registered as a history vehicle. In Germany this  #H# registration  allows you to drive through any environmental zone with no hassle.      THis should apply throughout EU , but I,ve heard  UK has frozen #H# registration to about 1972.                  In EU countries ,you dont need to convert  RHD to LHD or viceversa, so long as the vehicle is for personal use.       Tell us how things turnout in Portugal.  This should be an easy country !!          Lr/exporter

looking for co-driver germany to Kenya
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Date Posted:04/10/2012 06:43:25Copy HTML


Thank you for making me believe!   YEAH! I am not going to give up! 
So the standard dodge data sheets that you mentioned are they the build sheets? 
The ones that there is a specific one for each van, or are they just the general ones, like in the brochures?

I have been looking around the site and there seems to be everything! Its so great!

Ok, so I will try this and I will be in touch about results!

Best Wishes Always!

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Date Posted:06/10/2012 05:37:50Copy HTML

 i exported a 50 about 2 years ago into sweden with no hasstle at all, and with no coc (never heard of it before now)

the process for me here was send off the v5 and buying recipt, then turn up for an intensive mot where they checked most things over, and then we sat in front of a computer going through the dodge 50 website for 15 mins filling in bits of info that was missing from the v5.

the biggest problem for me through óut the whole solution was an argument over whether it was a 2 seat or a 3 seat truck, oh and finding the chassis number on the truck (which was horribly rusty and mostly un-readable)
If something works, celebrate with tea and cakes... If it dosent, have tea and cakes anyway.
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Date Posted:07/10/2012 10:48:48Copy HTML


mmmm that sounds yumm... I want! Here in portugal u go to the local dvla.. called imtt, and you take a ticket with a number to wait to be seen... the usual wait time is 6 hours!...!...So then you go get on with your life and try to return at the right moment and then u talk to a lady that gives you a LONG LONG list of places to go and papers to get and the first one was this COC story...
So next step is to return to the imtt (cause they dont answer phones) and ask so... and now what and how? But yes an inspection is the next step so lets see if i get that far all should be ok cause she is in really good condition. What I did manage to get is an export certificate from the dvla, which I think is probably also needed at some point.
Thank you for your advice! Ill be in touch about how it is going! 

Best Wishes! xxx
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