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Been offered a Dodge horse box at £2000
Great price, takes 2 horses & living too.
Plated till July 2014
Can I ask are they good, is it very difficult to get parts etc.

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Re:Dodge 5.5T Horsebox

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Have you got any more information on what youve been offered ? - its rather difficult to say much about it on such little information.

IMO - they are good solid trucks, however parts arent the easiest to get hold of, but there is a good community here that is working hard to find replacements and other parts that will fit.

Rust tend to be an issue with these trucks, paricularly the wheel arches, but because they have quite thick steel it is fixable.

The brakes often need a little regular TLC.

Mine has always been reliable, it starts and gets me places, although rather slowly, as ive got a horsebox speed isnt an issue, and mine does about 25mpg so for the size, weight (3,7t empty) and shape its not bad.  the latest icevo daily do in the region of 20mpg

If you try joining the facebook group you'll get more answers quicker (this forum has become somewhat of a ghost town lately),  you might find somebody close to it who is willing to go and look at it with you.

I dont regret buying mine 5 years ago (its now 21 years old), but then at the same time any work that needs doing I do myself.


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