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I hope I'm doing this right. Can anyone advise me on chassis extensions for an S46 van camper I am working on for myself?

I am removing the body behind the front seats and making a box steel frame with either aluminium sides or ply/fibreglass composite. Weight is the key. It is currently down rated to 3.45 tons and I want to reduce that more.

Has anyone ever added rail extensions to one of these?

I have all the details from the government plebs regarding dimensions, turning circles and the general maximums involved (no more than 60% of current wheelbase length allowed behind rear wheels, must turn within a 5.3m and 12.7m concentric circles - Ireland).

I really trying to see if anyone has done similar.

The interior will be removed and a lighter version added.

I intend to use it as a race motor home for my race mower - that alone should indicate that I don't do normal things.

I have the S46, the body is shot, I will re rail it under the cab and retain the driver passenger section.

I'm a qualified welder and have the time/ equipment/ beligerence to do it.

Can anyone provide info before the plasma cutter gets plugged in??!


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