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Date Posted:22/06/2010 02:21:22Copy HTML

Sadly for sale my beloved Dodge 100. 1982, G08 with the larger engine.

New windscreen, all glass intact, starts first time, emmisions low, tyres good, brakes, lights etc all fine except one sticking brake at rear.
Had a new exhaust.
The grill and plastic sides are complete.
It has been converted to a horse box and has done only half a dozen journeys in the last ten years. It carrys three large horses, and has a living area with sink, grill/hob and fridge. (I have a manual lfor the fridge as the knobs are missing, but I have not used the fridge in years.)

Drives lovely, and the engine is as sweet as a nut. Never fails to start and has never broken down. Pootles along great on the motorway due to the larger engine size.
Well under weight so can carry a huge payload (much more than three big horses.)

Much of the underside has been waxoiled, and most of the exterior has been painted. Green, if that makes a difference to anyone...

Bad news:
The roof is sheet tin and has lifted at the back letting in the rain so some repair to the floor is necessary, and the roof needs a few sheets (£15 each).
The ramp is fairly sound. The floor is protected by granularised rubber over three layers of floor, so the top layer may be fine.
The bottom layer which is non-supporting is not fine.
The cab was assaulted by a tractor, but looks ok. The metal was too thick to pull or bend out.
The front springs need new retaining bolts (errr, a few pence)  and the locking arm for the cab when tilted needs replacing. (or shove a lump of wood in it).
Needs some welding in the cab, but all accessible areas.

I really want to sell this lorry to someone who will restore her to her former glory and love her as much as I do, so scrappies, breakers, mercenary bastards etc can sod off.

If I had the time and equipment and good health I would never dream of selling her, but I am ill and cant do it.

I have been offered £600 for the engine, but I would really prefer the lorry to go to a dodge fanatic and be restored and used.

Hope there is someone out there who wants her.

Call Caroline on 0750 213 6213

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Re:100 for sale. 1982, G08, larger engine.

Date Posted:02/07/2010 11:41:27Copy HTML

hi Caroline

what sort of money are u looking at, and have u any pics, ill ask about for you.

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